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Honour the Moon together

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Join us in our magick moon gatherings each New Moon and Full Moon to honour and co-create with our natural connection to the lunar energies of the universe



Here's our brand new calendar for 2023 - Hope to see you at a ritual soon!

All FULL MOON rituals are live online and viewed from the comfort of your home and sacred space - via Zoom. All NEW MOON rituals are pre-recorded and can be viewed via video link after 8pm on the day of the ritual. All rituals start at 7pm.

Friday 20th January - New Moon

Tuesday 7th February - Full Moon

Tuesday 21st February - New Moon

Tuesday 7th March  - Full Moon

Tuesday 21st March - New Moon

Friday 7th April  - Full Moon

Tuesday 21st April -New Moon

Wednesday 3rd May - Full Moon

Sunday 31st May - New Moon

Tuesday 6th June - Full Moon

Tuesday 20th June- New Moon

Tuesday 4th July - Full Moon

Tuesday 18th July - New Moon

Tuesday 1st August- Full Moon

Wednesday 16th August  - New  Moon

Thursday 31st August  -Full  BLUE Moon

Friday 15th September -  New Moon

Friday 29th  September - Full Moon

 Sunday 15th October- New Moon

Sunday 29th October  -Full  Moon

Tuesday 14th November  - New Moon

Tuesday 28th  November - Full Moon

Tuesday 12th December - New Moon

Thursday 28th December - Full Moon (last ritual of the year)



A time to wish upon the new moons abundant dark place  and plant your seeds for the start of the lunar cycle ...

We will be using the power of the Black Moon, the New Moon,  as a call to action to ask the universe to set in motion an abundant life full of joy and welcome in new energy to our lives.

Through the power of ritual we can connect deeply to our inner selves and re-energise our bodies ready for the next cycle of the lunar month.

Spending time going within allows us to connect with the univeral wisdom from the new moon during this powerful and energising time of the lunar cycle.

Booking will be added to my linktree each month, check here to join our next  LIVE ONLINE ritual

We advise you book promptly as spaces sell out fast!



A time to release what no longer serves you, under the powerful energies of the brightest part of the lunar cycle, the FULL MOON


We will be using the power of the full moon to open our hearts with kindness and release negative energies and cleanse our enegery fields, finding space to invite in new energy to our lives.

Through the power of ritual we can connect deeply to our inner selves and find peace and wisdom during this powerful time of the lunar cycle.

We will use candlework, fire ceremonies, meditation, yoga asana, singing bowls and energetic healing techniques to harness deep healing at this powerful time! The power of a group increases the energetic healing of your practice.

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